Expat Services


expatriate topimageAt AMRECINDO, our extensive local knowledge ensures that we provide a seamless relocation service. Through personal experience, our relocation consultants appreciate that moving internationally is both costly and challenging. As a result, our services are set up to ensure that employees' needs and corporate responsibilities are expertly managed in a timely and efficient manner.

Relocation Management

At AMRECINDO, we put our clients and their families at the heart of the relocation process. Our dedicated consultants will provide advice on schooling for all curriculums and will also source a selection of the best available accommodation taking individual lifestyles into consideration.

Although a great deal of information can be obtained via the internet, in our experience many people prefer a more “hands on” approach. As a result we have tailored our New Area Orientations to provide a one to one service from initial concept through to actualization.

A truly diverse Indonesian company, AMRECINDO consultants have unparalleled local knowledge and offer impartial advice at all times, providing a flexible service, tailored to meet our clients individual needs.

Visa/work permits

The legislation regarding work permits and visas can at first appear complex. The process is regularly updated and therefore subject to change. Our consultants work closely with the relevant departments on a daily basis and are therefore in a position to ensure that the appropriate applications are completed correctly in order to facilitate efficient visa acquisition.

Area Orientation

Customized orientations provide an invaluable introduction to a new location and are particularly useful in assisting an employee with their decision to relocate or before embarking on a full home and school search. An orientation highlights all aspects of a new location including geography, customs, culture and amenities.

Our four hour Orientation Package will be tailored to your needs, including:

  1. Hotel Pickup
  2. Brief discussion to establish your requirements
  3. Tour of Jakarta and surrounding areas
  4. Pinpoint location of schools if necessary
  5. Overview of accommodation types available
  6. Alleviate any concerns and answer any questions you may have.
  7. Welcome Pack

Orientations often address concerns that might otherwise delay the individual’s final decision to move to a new location.

Home Search

Koleksi-Gambar-Rumah-MewahFinding the right home requires careful consideration and attention to the needs and expectations of the individual and their families. Our services are tailored to meet the client’s requirements and budget.

Prior to searching the market and in order to avoid wasting valuable time a detailed briefing is initially carried out by the assigned consultant. Only the most suitable homes will be presented for viewing and consideration. Once a final property is selected our team will assist in rental negotiations, carry out all necessary utility connections and provide objective guidance in the selection of necessary professional services.

Short Term Accommodation

For a number of employees, long term rental will not be practical due to short term contracts. At Amrecindo we can identify appropriate shorter term rental property. This service is also useful to those who mobilize without family and wish to have everything in place prior to their arrival.

School Search

For the majority of parents the most important aspect of any relocation is finding a school that meets the educational and social needs of their children. As the majority of our consultants are parents themselves they understand that if children are happy in their new environment a lot of pressure is alleviated.

At AMRECINDO we provide practical help to parents by arranging school tours, providing and advising on the documentation required for applications and assisting with the procedures required for the enrolment of their children in the selected school.

Corporate Relocation

A major and yet exciting challenge to any organization is the decision to set up in a new location. Our professional team of Corporate Set Up consultants will ensure that everything runs smoothly, on time and within budget, increasing the likelihood of success.

It is absolutely essential that all aspects of the intended Set Up are considered in order for the company to start off on the right footing. Our local knowledge and direct experience in the area can play a large part in ensuring that this is achieved. With a team of dedicated enthusiastic professional Set Up consultants Amrecindo will help deliver that much sought after successful soft landing.

For more information on how we can help you and your employees move to your new country, contact us.